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Emergency Operations
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Memorial Fire Company
Station 89
359 Bay Ave.
Milford, DE 19963

Phone: 302-422-8888
Fax: 302-422-5944
Company History

Activities (Continued)
Since the early 1960s the fire company has always held a Christmas party for the children and the company Santa visits the elderly in the long term care facility at Argos Corner. Chances, raffles, casino nights, and serving breakfast at the world weak fish tournaments have been activities participated in by the members of the company.

In addition to the aforementioned activities the company also holds crab feasts, breakfasts, dinners, and is host to the county Fireman’s Association once a year.

At the present time the company is in the process of raffling off an outboard motor, boat, and trailer.

The company is also host to the state Fire Chiefs expo each year which brings many vendors and fire company representatives from the entire state to Station 89.

Editor’s Note: The annual 4th of July fireworks display was suspended indefinitely in 1999. The company reinstated the 4the of July fireworks event in 2006.

Running Gear and Equipment - 1954-2007
Being unable to afford the bunker gear in the late 50s we were fortunate to receive some donations from the Milford Carlisle Fire Company and Dick Caldwell’s contribution from the Spangler PA Fire Company that provided boots and coats for some of the Slaughter Beach firemen.

The original parade uniform consisted of beige pants, maroon jacket and white hats that were given to us by the Carlisle Fire Company. The cost of turn out gear in the early 60s amounted to $300 or $400 per fireman including helmets. Gear purchased in 1997 was $1,000 per fireman which included boots, coasts, and pants. Helmets were an additional item at an extra cost. Presently each fireman is provided with a pager, nomex hood, gloves and extra socks. The total price to outfit one fireman is in excess of $1,500.

Equipment traditionally found on the fire apparatus has been supplemented by specialty emergency equipment such as the Phoenix Tool and the Hurst Tool for auto rescue. Air bags for lifting heavy objects in the event of industrial and/or auto accidents, the cascade system on the rescue pumper, portable saws, and an air chisel are some other examples of emergency equipment, to mention a few. All pumpers are equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

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May 27, 2024
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