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From the Sussex County
Emergency Operations
Dial 9-1-1
Memorial Fire Company
Station 89
359 Bay Ave.
Milford, DE 19963

Phone: 302-422-8888
Fax: 302-422-5944
House Fires
Monday, December 25, 2017
The Memorial FD was dispatched to multiple houses on fire. Upon arrival there were 2 houses fully involved with fire, 2 garages on fire and 3-200lb propane tanks on fire. The garages were put on hold cause of the live electric hanging and arching from both. The firefighters did an awesome job protecting the houses on both sides and cooling the propane tanks to allow the relief valves to close. Milton Asst Chief Johnnie Hopkins assumed water supply officer and did a great job getting us enough water to keep fighting fire. Memorial Deputy Chief Dan Walls set up a draft in the creek just west of the beach. 5 brush trucks attended to the fires on the beach that were large cause of the wind. Memorial FD Asst Chief Britt Deese oversaw the operations of the 2 burning houses, Carlisle FD Asst Chief Shawn Hinton and Lewes senior FF Christopher Colpo lead crews to save the northern home. Thanks to all the FD’s, EOC, DELDOT, Dsp, Fire Police, Delmarva Power, Sussex County Medics, Suburban Propane and Lewes FD Amb Capt Beau Fibelkorn and to all I forgot for all there assistance. Special thanks to our Ladies Auxiliary for their great work. I really want to give big props to the 2 Sussex County Emergency Operations Dispatchers Hunter Rogers and Dave Perrine. They helped a very large operation run smooth by their fast thinking and knowledge. They had all of our main operations on seperate channels so the radio traffic cleared up and made the operation run much smoother. Thanks so much. Long Christmas night

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